Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I know when to go out.

I know when to stay in.  Get things done.

Fall is my favorite time of year.  The days are shorter, the weather is cooler and I just want to stay in and nest.  My list of fall must haves and a few for this years wish list...

Miller's Crossing Soundtrack

Miller's crossing soundtrack - Carter Burwell's music sounds like fall.  Seriously, if you close your eyes you can hear the wind rustling the leaves.  Melancholy, wistful, the entire album is an elegy to Limerick's Lament a traditional Irish folk song and I love how it keeps popping up.  Like it's weaved throughout the fabric of the album.  Plus you can never go wrong with Danny Boy.

D.L. & Co. candle

D.L. & Co. Le Pomme Vert Candle - Fall is apple season and what better way to celebrate the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil than D.L. & Co.'s gothic brass enameled green apple sculpture filled with their signature thorn apple scented candle.  Tempting.

Pendleton National Parks blankets

Pendleton Glacier National Parks blanket - Pendleton Mills has been weaving traditional indian blankets since. 1909.   Their Glacier National Parks blanket is my favorite and I'm always scouring flea markets for vintage ones.  Perfect for an end of the bed throw or curling up on the sofa on a cool fall night.  They can also be purchased new at Pendleton's website for $160-200.

Hermes Umbrella

Hermes Pluie de H umbrella - Definitely a splurge at $435 but cheaper than a Birkin and guaranteed to make you look forward to rainy days!

Brach's candy corn

Candy Corn - I'm big on seasonal treats and candy corn is my all time favorite.  It's been around since he 1880's and according to the National Confectioners Association over 20 million pounds are sold annually.  Brach's makes enough candy corn every year to circle the earth 4.25 times!