Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Incredible Lightness of Being a Hipster

"Born French, Unknown Hipster early moved to New York to become a painter, a poet, or whichever position was available on the Art scene. Once a lead tambourin for Uneven Dusk , it’s unclear what became his main occupation after the band quickly broke-up. All can be said is that Unknown frequently appears at Fashionable and Cultural events without being necessarily on the list."
Jean-Philippe Delhomme's fantastically illustrated blog The Unknown Hipster is a playful satire of New York high society with plenty of name dropping. The hipster is a loveable euro trash Chauncey Gardiner with delightful broken English whose as apt to chat up a coyote in Central Park as pole dancers at the Indochine party. Follow the Unknown Hipster as he reviews art exhibitions, gallery openings and fashion shows, as well as explaining his day to day wanderings.
The Unkown Hipster

With Karl Lagerfeld

Chatting up pole dancers at Indochine party

In Hunter boots at Gallery opening in inclement weather

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