Thursday, September 16, 2010

Phaidon Design Classics

PHAIDON DESIGN CLASSICS is the first comprehensive collection of classic design objects. Packed into three bright yellow volumes, this set presents 999 iconic industrially manufactured objects many of which are still in production today.  Beautifully edited, everything from cars to cameras is represented.  Big hitters like Breuer, Le Corbusier and Eames  predominate but there are some underdogs like the anonymously designed chop sticks and corkscrew.  The writing style is brief and informative and you're sure to drive friends crazy by giving them lessons on the history of the Toblerone bar or the glue stick or any of the other 999 iconic designs featured in the series.

The objects are presented chronologically, beginning with an elegant pair of Chinese bonsai scissors from the early 1600s and ending with Barber Osgerby’s Lunar bath accessories.  Phaidon Design Classics is a key reference tool for designers, architects and home enthusiasts with an interested in the history of design. 

 #1 - Chinese bonsai scissors from the early 1600s

#91 Toblerone Bar

#666 - Lamy 2000 fountain pen

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