Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tights Weather

I love tights and I'm excited every year when tights season finally rolls around.

And every year around this time it occurs to me that I still haven't found a really good system of organizing my tights drawer.  It's currently a snarled tangle of old tights,  new tights, over the knee socks, fishnets, stockings, garter belts and random Halloween costume bits and pieces.  In a perfect world there would be clearly marked spaces for tights that are Wolford, tights that are not Wolford but still perfect, tights that should only be worn with boots because there's a little fuzzy patch where the boot zipper has rubbed, tights that have a hole in the toe but will do in a pinch, tights that look too shiny in daylight but are perfect for night, tights that are anything but black and therefore will never be worn, tights that should be thrown out immediately but are being kept for an emergency which necessitates old tights, tights that are too sheer and tights that I hate but can't remember why.  

Maybe someday...

Over the knee socks

Chanel Tights

Vinyl tights.  And also, I wish I could wear this every! single! day!

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