Sunday, February 14, 2010

Double, double toil and trouble... A Valentine's Day spell!

To Encourage a Lover’s Return

To bring a lover back you need a box of new pins, an onion, and the desire for your partner’s love. As always, if your thoughts are not purely of love, you will suffer.

Begin on a Friday night by pressing one pin into the onion. Imagine you are putting a thought into your lover’s mind. As you pierce the onion with the pin recite the following:
It is not this onion I wish to stick,
But your mind and heart I wish to prick.
You’ll think of me night and day,
Until with words you arrive and say,
“I Love You.”

Leave the onion in sunlight, to invoke enlightenment. This spell must be repeated for seven consecutive nights, preferably at the same time each evening. When the onion has seven pins in it your spell is complete. Plant the onion in the ground with love’s blessing.

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