Monday, February 22, 2010

A rose is a rose is a rose...

Unless it's a tuberose in which case it isn't really a rose at all.  The tuberose is used traditionally in Hawaii to create Leis and was considered a funeral flower in Victorian times. Its scent is heady, exotic, sweet and floral.

The tuberose grows in elongated spikes up to 18 inches long that produce clusters of fragrant waxy white flowers that bloom from the bottom towards the top of the spike. It has long, bright green leaves clustered at the base of the plant and smaller leaves along the stem. I usually just place several stems in tall clear glass vases. Tuberoses aren't the most beautiful flower, with them it's all about the scent.

Perfumes dominated by tuberose include Robert Piquet Fracas, Chanel Gardénia, Guerlain Jardins de Bagatelle, Chloé, Christian Dior Poison, Givenchy Amarige, White Shoulders, Joe Malone Tuberose, Creed Tubereuse Indiana and Annick Goutal Gardenia Passion.


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