Thursday, March 4, 2010

Everything's coming up turquoise!

Pantone, which tracks colors in the fashion and home decor industries, has named turquoise the color of 2010. Pantone's executive director said it was the obvious choice because it's soothing and makes people think of being on vacation, which we all need after the tough year of 2009. Hmmmm. I prefer last year's mimosa which is also soothing and reminds people of brunch which is relaxing and far cheaper than a holiday.

I'm not crazy for turquoise used as an accent color in decor. If I see one more turquoise vase, pillow or throw I just might scream. It feels a little tired. It actually feels so tired I can barely keep my eyes open as I type this sentence. I do, however, think turquoise can be interesting when used as a neutral. Because it has both warm and cool undertones, it pairs well with any other color in the spectrum and can look elegant or casual. I like the idea of turquoise walls or wallpaper and even better, a turquoise sofa.

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  1. where is the sofa from in the 3rd pic? I heart it!