Monday, March 29, 2010

Rule Brittania

Since the 15th Century, souvenirs commemorating royal events have been collected. Coronations, Weddings, Births, Anniversaries, Jubilees and other Special Events have been the subject of thousands of Memorabilia created by thousands of commercial businesses and collected by millions of Royal subjects and fans.  There is such a wide range of items, such as china plates, teacups, mugs, dresser boxes, figurines, spoons, pins, medallions, crystal goblets & paperweights, even jigsaw puzzles, calendars, handerchiefs, tea towels and dolls just to name a few.

British royal commemoratives have not only been bought by the English out of love and loyalty for centuries but by the world over. Royal commemoratives started as far back as the 15th century with a medal being produced for the Coronation of King Edward VI but not until the 1800's and Queen Victoria did collecting become the obsession it is today. Nothing previously prepared manufactures or the royal court for the adulation Queen Victoria would receive. Companies commissioned by the court were kept busy day and night getting ready for her Coronation. Queen Victoria commemorative pieces are the most sought after and treasured, especially signed or numbered items. These can be quite costly but Queen Elizabeth II Silver Jubiless mugs are readily available on Ebay or at flea markets in the $20.00 range. Very Brittish and just the right amount of twee.

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